Flipnote Studio™

Flipnote Hatena Service Ended May 31, 2013. See details >

Upload & Share
Once you have created your own Flipnote, you can then share it with friends and family!

Share With Friends

You can also send Flipnotes you have created to a friend using a local wireless connection. Make sure your friend has also downloaded Flipnote Studio to their Nintendo DSi system, and once you've exchanged Flipnotes, you'll automatically be registered as Flipnote friends.
Quick Tip: Frog News − The Frog will inform you if a Flipnote is sent to you via Wireless Communication, or if you've previously attached a note to the current calendar date.
The sender of the Flipnote must tap the Send Button on either the tools screen or the details screen of a Flipnote file. The recipient must then watch the title screen on their Nintendo DSi system for instructions.
Choose whether to send the message as is or lock the Flipnote so the receiver cannot edit it − then tap "Find Recipient."
Wait for instructions on the main menu. When a message appears, tap it to complete reception.