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Flipnote Hatena Service Ended May 31, 2013. See details >

What is Flipnote Hatena?

Flipnotes submitted* via Flipnote Hatena can be shown on the Flipnote Hatena website ( http://flipnote.hatena.com ) run by Japanese Web service provider Hatena Co. Ltd. There, you can browse through Flipnotes submitted by other users. If you register for a Hatena ID, you can have an even more enjoyable experience with the Flipnote Hatena website−rate and comment on Flipnotes submitted by others, and submit your own! *Note: to upload content to the Hatena website you must have wireless broadband access and become a registered member of Hatena's website. Once on the Hatena website, please note that users under 13 must obtain parental consent in order to post Flipnotes to the website.

Download and Alter Your Favorites

Browse through the Flipnote Hatena website and download your favorites to your Nintendo DSi system. Once downloaded you can then alter and edit* them to add your own personal touch. You can then upload your new creations to the website for viewing. (*Flipnotes that are locked by their creator cannot be edited.)

Flipnote Hatena on Your Computer

Flipnote Hatena is also available on your personal computer. Access the site by clicking the link below! *Note when accessing Flipnote.hatena.com from your personal computer you may only view Flipnotes. You do not have the ability to upload your own Flipnotes.